EUIC advert JNKE Events and Public Relations Officer

Project: Management of EU Info Centre and EU Info Points 2017-2018Bosnia and Herzegovina
Position: Events and Public Relations Officer (JUNIOR NON-KEY EXPERT / JNKE)
Published: 7. June 2017
Deadline for application: 15. June 2017, 16:00h CET
Assignment Objective: The specific objectives of this JNKE (Events and Public Relation Officer) and his/her assignment of this activity is to achieve synchronised support increasing the visibility of EU in BiH, EU assisted programmes and sectors, via direct communication (events, competitions etc), promotion and through visibility of the EUIC/EUIP.
Scope of Work: The Events and Public Relations Officer will be responsible for all public information events and competitions envisaged under this contract. S/he will contribute to the effective implementation of all activities foreseen under this contract, together with the Public Information Officer, under the guidance of the Team Leader. S/he must assist the Team Leader in creating synergies between all the actions described in this Terms of Reference and ensure that they are part of an overall concerted programmatic approach. S/he will have to organise highly visible and appealing public events in the premises of the EUIC/EUIP or on another location (seminars, conferences, open air cultural/sports events and competitions, etc). S/he will be proposing to the EUD promotional activities including events and executing those requested by the EUD. S/he will provide feedback on each event to the EUD providing objective overview and participation indicators as well as media coverage. S/he will be responsible for acquiring all the necessary permits and licences for outdoor public events. It is expected that expert in every aspect of communication (written and spoken) demonstrate highest level of English language knowledge.
General professional experience: - At least 5 years of experience in event management;- At least 5 years of experience in logistic management;
Specific professional experience: - Experience in management of various types of events, such as conferences, forums, open air events, trainings, workshops, seminars, promotional events, press conferences, awareness raising events and campaigns ;- Experience in working with different target groups and/or multipliers such as civil society, media, academics, business, government, among others preferably in BiH.- Experience in management human and technical resources in the field

– Experience in organization the events from the scratches

– Experience in administrative and logistics management (logistics at events, maintenance of equipment, management of supplies, cataloguing of publications, dispatching of information/publications, etc.);

– Experience in application of trendy forms and gadgets into the event management

– Knowledge of all logistical requirements and practical aspects of promotional campaigns, ranging from the organisation and coordination of all parties involved in the execution of an event, involving in-house experts to outside support staff or especially contracted Staff.

– The experience in management of EU-related event could be considered as an asset.

Qualifications and skills: - Bachelor degree (where a degree has been awarded on completion of 3 years of study in a university or equivalent institution) from social sciences, political sciences, liberal arts or humanities;- Excellent organizational skills;- Excellent command of spoken and written English;

– Excellent knowledge of Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian;

– Good understanding of EU related issues;

– Excellent communication skills;

– Good computer skills (MS Office);

– Knowledge of EU project management procedures;

Work place: Sarajevo, including project mission outside Sarajevo within Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Assignment start date: 1. July 2017
Assignment end date: 31. May 2018
Duration: up to 200 working days
How to apply: The filled CV in the attached form should be sent on the following email
CV form for download:  Download