EU Periskop

The European Union supports citizens, civil society organizations, business community and institutions across Bosnia and Herzegovina. EU Periscope is a series of stories about concrete results of the assistance provided and how it has improved the quality of life of citizens across Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Eradicating Corruption, Curing the Health Sector

Although corruption has become an almost indispensable part of everyday discourse, the very concept of corruption and effective action against this phenomenon remains abstract to most citizens. Bosnia and Herzegovina is a country plagued by widespread and deep-rooted corruption, as confirmed by Transparency International's Corruption Perceptions Index for many years.

Different but Equal

Although laws and international conventions emphasise that all citizens have equal rights and that they are guaranteed and inalienable, the reality is unfortunately very different. Often, those who are denied equal participation in society are forgotten.

Young Peer Educators Overcoming Violence

Trust, compassion and empathy, belief that you can make your dreams come true and the support of your community are crucial to the optimal development of young people. Faced with different forms of verbal, physical and online violence on a daily basis, which they often fail to recognise, generations of young persons across Bosnia and Herzegovina...

An Empty School Chair Must Not Become a Norm

Although much is being reported and researched about quality of education and the basic conditions for teaching, a much greater challenge facing teachers, paren...

Creative Europe Revitalizes Classical Art and Music

As with any other forms of art, classical music is to be valued and enjoyed, despite the perception that they it is not meant for the average citizen or that ce...

Creative Europe brings back BiH film to the European scene

The cultural and creative sectors represent rich European cultural heritage and contribute to development and shaping of the European future. The European Union is dedicated to promotion of cultural diversity and protection of cultural heritage, and supports the cultural and creative industries in order to boost economic growth and employment throughout Europe.

Cooperation of educational and private sectors key to prospects of BiH youth

Small and medium enterprises are the driving force of the economy. The European Union supports the growth of small and medium enterprises in Bosnia and Herzegovina, helping them to modernise their capacities. Local communities benefit from increased employment as enterprises improve their productivity and export capacities.

Young People in BiH Require Entrepreneurial Skills

In order to successfully implement a business idea, young people in Bosnia and Herzegovina require numerous skills. Entrepreneurial thinking and skills are necessary for them to realise their ideas. Development of entrepreneurial skills is recognised across the European Union as one of the key tools for empowerment of young people to enable them to successfully recognise the needs of the labour market and harmonise them with the educational system.

New jobs for young experts in BiH

For young people in Bosnia and Herzegovina, investment in perspective industries such as the IT sector opens up possibilities for business and career development. The information and communication sector is one of the fastest growing industries in the country and offers large opportunities for youth employment.

Young innovators from Sarajevo as ambassadors of innovation and success of BiH

Their innovations, energy and ideas represent the future of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the European Union. Innovations have the potential to create new jobs and contribute to economic growth, and the inventions and standards of young innovators from the Sarajevo High School of Electrical Engineering contribute to the creation of a better future.