Creative Europe brings back BiH film to the European scene

The cultural and creative sectors represent rich European cultural heritage and contribute to development and shaping of the European future.The European Union is dedicated to promotion of cultural diversity and protection of cultural her...
August 16, 2019


We generate ideas, design fresh, shape the future and reinvent cultural heritage!We think different and create art for a better future of #BiH! ...
August 1, 2019

EU za učenje i nove prilike

Experiences and testimonials of the direct beneficiaries of programmes and projects the European Union is financing showcase that the citizens of the country require quality education, new skills, entrepreneurial thinking and a supportive business en...
July 15, 2019


Institutional organisation and responsibilities over higher education in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) are regulated by the Constitution of Bosnia and Herzegovina, constitutions of entities and cantons and the Statute of ...
July 12, 2019

Europe Day in Nature – Bobovac and Kraljeva Sutjeska

Europe Day in Nature - Bobovac and Kraljeva Sutjeska...
June 6, 2019

Europe Day celebration in BiH concluded with students debating about European Union

Four debate teams from Faculties of Political Science in Sarajevo and Banja Luka, the Faculty of Philosophy in Mostar, and the Balkans Studies Centre of the International University of Sarajevo have been preparing for over a month for the debate fina...
June 6, 2019

Europe Day in nature – Bjelašnica

Europe Day in nature - Bjelašnica...
May 28, 2019

A Voyage through the Western Balkans

Valorization and promotion of common, European cultural heritage strengthens the feeling of belonging to the joint European space. The rich cultural heritage of the Western Balkans provides the region with an outspoken advocate within the European Un...
March 22, 2019

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