10. December 2020.

Quality, tradition and monitoring of market demands and constant work on improving production are necessary to ensure the stable development of the agri-food sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Procurement of modern machines, modernization of the production plant, concern for safety and product quality are the challenges that businessmen face. Recognizing the needs and potential for growth and development, the European Union supports the sustainable growth of this sector through numerous programs and support projects.

The company “Agro Mašić” from Gradačac is one of ten companies from the food processing sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina that have received support from the European Union through the EU4Business program, improving its production process through the procurement of new equipment and tools.

Darko Tost, executive director of “Agro Mašić” says that farmers with such support projects have the desire, will, courage and willingness to deal with the risks of production in achieving competitiveness in the domestic and foreign markets. European Union grants have been invested in the procurement of animal monitoring systems and food loaders. “The greatest achieved results, the contribution of the procurement of equipment and machinery, is that the monitoring system helps us to have a better insight into the health condition of animals, which results in the production of milk and offspring. With the food loader, we have reduced the time of food application by some 70 percent in time, which leads to an increase in the quality and freshness of food, which in turn results in better animal health, which is the biggest emphasis, ” explains Tost.

Agro Mašić is one of the successful BiH stories from the food sector. They saw the potential for development in the open market for quality production of milk, food and livestock, with appropriate production conditions that fully follow and meet EU requirements in this area. The best experiences, technologies and techniques currently available to dairies and livestock farmers in the European Union can also be found on their farm in Gradačac, which is also felt by their workers, says Tost: “We have enabled workers to do their jobs, work with new machines and equipment which gives more vigour and will to work. In the near future, we intend to hire new employees. “

Improving competitiveness, dedicated work, care for the product and working conditions of employees are necessary to ensure sustainable growth and development of the BiH economy, as witnessed by these and similar companies. In order to strengthen the BiH economy, preserve jobs and provide conditions for the creation of new opportunities, the European Union supports the development of the potential of the BiH economy in order to successfully cope with the challenges of the domestic and European markets.

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