15. September 2020.

The summer photo school “Snap for Culture”, organised by the EU Info Center in Bosnia and Herzegovina, encouraged young people from five BiH cities to explore their local culture, history and heritage, while showcasing the unique beauty and richness of their surroundings. Cultural tourism, as a driver of understanding and celebrating diversity, especially among young people, influenced the creation of unique photographic records and experiences of the country’s natural and cultural riches.

Our adventure began at the Pliva waterfall and the view of the towers of the ancient rulers of the royal city, continuing along the banks of the River Sana to the walls of Ključ fortress. Heading south, we sought refreshment by the River Neretva, in the shadow of the Gavrankapetanović tower in Počitelj. We breathed in the summer aromas of centuries-old this most beautiful of villages, which is a veritable “open-air museum”. To the sound of the water flowing in the River Bregava in Stolac, we immortalised stone sleepers and walked the paths that inspired the most famous Stočanin – Mak Dizdar – who made them timeless through his verses. We visited Trebinje, the city of sunlight, wine and plane trees, successfully concluding our summer journey on World Photography Day.

“I am impressed by your art and the creativity you have shown in presenting your cities, culture, traditions, natural resources and tourism potentials. We are often so preoccupied with our daily commitments that we forget to stop and enjoy the beauties of nature, cultural heritage and the history of this country, and you have reminded us of that. The European Union in Bosnia and Herzegovina is always happy to work with young and talented people. We strive to provide you with new opportunities and together with you to design solutions to make your future better here “, noted Petar Kraljević, representative of the Delegation of the European Union to Bosnia and Herzegovina during the presentation of awards to the best young photo reporters.

The photo school invited young people to show the beauties of Bosnia and Herzegovina its cultural heritage and highlight the numerous tourist opportunities within their local surroundings and to capture truly magical moments with their cameras. Led by renowned BiH photographer, Jasmin Agović, the participants acquired numerous skills, learning especially the value of photography, and the best ones won valuable prizes so that they can further develop their love of photography.

“It was a great privilege and pleasure to work with a group of young and talented people from all over our beautiful homeland. The aim of the workshops was not only to teach young novice photographers the basics of this art, but to encourage them through practical work and curious walks to enjoy the role of tourists in their own city, and to also have open minds and travel to Europe and the world. They had mostly mobile phone cameras at their disposal but that did not stop them from taking really fantastic photos with the help of adopted photographic techniques whilst having a good time,” Agović observed.

Helena Brajić and Katarina Pudar from Trebinje, and Amer Kalabić from Ključ, the winners of the competition, presented a unique vision of their own cities with their photo reports and immortalised them with photographs of the beauty of nature and cultural heritage that their surroundings offer. Although they initially believed they would not win prizes, the winners expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to participate, learn about photography, socialise, and gain tips and inspiration for respecting and enjoying scenery.

An exhibition of works by the best young photo reporters opened today at OKC Abrašević in Mostar, where it will be on display until September 21, 2020.

You can see the online exhibition here: https://euinfo.ba/bs/izlozba-uhvati-trenutak-foto-takmicenje/

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