22. September 2020.

World Cleanup Day is one of the greatest movements of our time whose goal is to transcend borders, cultural and ideological differences and unite 168 countries around the world for a cleaner planet. By cleaning up garbage and unaccounted waste from beaches, forests and streets, volunteers and partners around the world together clean our planet and demonstrate the power of unification for a common goal. By voluntarily cleaning their communities, promenades, rivers, mountains and lakes, the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina have expressed care and commitment to a healthier, cleaner and better future.

In cooperation with volunteers of the Let’s Do It project, the EU Info Center in Bosnia and Herzegovina organized cleaning actions as part of joint efforts to raise awareness of citizens and the public about the problems of illegal waste disposal and the need for greater commitment to the environment. Together we cleaned the path to the Memorial Forest in Goražde, the New Promenade on the canal in Bijeljina, the Stara Planina picnic area and the area around Mehmed’s Church in Kozarac, as well as the beaches of Konjičani’s favorite picnic area, Boračko Lake.

”We have teamed up to carry out a youth mission, as well as a scout mission, to clean up our surroundings. Because even though it’s not my trash, it’s my planet. One of the great problems of today that affects the health of all of us and our future is this environmental ignorance, both young and old, who leave garbage behind. Especially this year when our picnic areas became popular and visited which contributed to more garbage and more pollution of nature. In the end, it is quite sad, and when you take into account that our cities are one of the most polluted in Europe, it is really very degrading for our country, “said Emir Pirija, a member of the Scout Detachment “Neretva” from Konjic who joined us in cleaning the shores of Boračko Lake.

In cleaning the bed of lakes and rivers, we join the initiative of the European Union, which seeks to show that the oceans begin on our doorsteps, ie. that all waste, neglect of nature and reckless behavior, have major consequences for the ecosystem and biodiversity of water surfaces. “We came to the famous picnic area, about twenty of us young people from Kozarac, to clean that locality, to make it more beautiful, and I hope that with this action we will raise awareness among other people about the importance of our planet being a clean and unpolluted place; to preserve nature, because we ourselves are part of the same ecosystem. I want this awareness and responsibility to be awakened in people about the importance of protecting our environment, “said Alija Nukić, a volunteer from Kozarac.

Time spent in nature should serve as a reminder that constant care and commitment are necessary to preserve biodiversity and all the riches it provides. Through joint, simple activities such as garbage collection, young volunteers across Bosnia and Herzegovina say they are already worried about the future. World Cleanup Day serves as a reminder that we can and should take care of the Planet as well as that we need it and its resources more than it needs us.

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