A quality education, recognition of high school & university degrees (regardless of the country in which they were acquired), the ability to travel using student privileges, a job in a profession relevant to the field of study, further training opportunities and advancement at work, easier ways to meet life’s challenges (such as buying a home)… these are things that all young people in the world desire. All of these are completely normal expectations and plans for young people to have as they imagine their futures.

A large part of these desires are relatively easy to achieve in EU member states. Accordingly, when young people in B&H speak about the European perspective of the country, they are actually thinking of their own perspective as well. They hope and expect that they too will be provided with an opportunity to more easily achieve these aspirations in the country in which they were born, when B&H one day becomes a full member of the EU and, more importantly, when the system begins to function according to European standards and rules.

However, even before B&H becomes a full member of the EU, young people from B&H are linked to the education system of EU member states through the Erasmus+ Program. This program, funded by the EU, facilitates various types of activities in the areas of education, training, youth issues and sport. The program provides opportunities for students, trainees, employees and volunteers to go abroad for a specific time period in order to improve their skills and employability.

EUIC guerilla event “One meter of problems, hundred meters of solutions”, November 2017