02. December 2020.

Although we are used to thinking that the grass is always green elsewhere, we are assured otherwise by tourism workers, businessmen and associations that are committed to improving and promoting tourism potential throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina. The need to promote and improve the offer of the three lakes in the municipalities of Jablanica, Prozor-Rama and Posušje was recognized by the European Union and supported the development of a new unique offer and sustainable tourism.

The project ‘Development of tourism on three lakes’ is also an example of cooperation between municipalities and cantons in the field of development and strengthening of the tourism sector and the joint offer of Jablanica, Rama and Tribistovo lakes. By mapping 132 tourist resources, including accommodation and producers of traditional food, historical, cultural and sacral monuments and sustainable outdoor activities, a unique base of rich offer of this area has been created. The collected material will help develop guidelines for further development of tourism and will certainly serve as a positive and successful example of cooperation for other regions.

“The European Union, which supported this project, enabled and contributed to us as the Women’s Association “Most” Jablanica to get the use of a tourist counter where we will promote all the tourist potential of the municipality of Jablanica, but also the environment and where we will exhibit our souvenirs and our products,” points out Merima Kukić from the Women’s Association ‘Most’.

By improving inter-municipal cooperation in order to strengthen the economic development of the area and the development of tourism in lake areas with new offers for young people, camping, sports, cultural events and gastronomy, efforts are being made to revitalize this area and restore old splendour to Herzegovinian lakes. Sustainable investment in tourism seeks to enable the creation of new jobs and strengthen the economy of local communities.

“The support of the European Union has helped us to improve our business. The biggest and most significant results of the project are the mapping and the connection of people who are engaged in tourism in these three locations, i.e. in these three lakes. “The project helped our auto-camp” Smell of Summer “to reach new guests, that is, to increase the number of tourists, both from abroad and from Bosnia and Herzegovina,” says Derviš Gabela from the auto-camp “Smell of Summer” in Jablanica .

Tourism employees, businessmen and organizations actively participated in the implementation of the project, which resulted in the transfer of knowledge and experience, networking and joint promotion of the tourist offer. Info points have been set up on the lakes, the main purpose of which is to provide information and promotion of the area with a rich promotional material and to support various outdoor activities. A more successful presentation of the natural and cultural heritage of the area seeks to improve protection and encourage further investment in tourism.

‘Development of tourism on three lakes’, supported through the European Union project EUProLocal is another example of successful cooperation in order to strengthen and promote the tourist capacity of Bosnia and Herzegovina. By sustainably investing in tourism and strengthening the local economy, the European Union seeks to enable the creation of new jobs and strengthen Bosnia and Herzegovina’s economy.

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