EUIC office phones

The EU Info Centre in Sarajevo (EUIC), with its network of EU Info Points across Bosnia and Herzegovina, is a long term project of the European Union that provides relevant information on programmes, institutions and the policies of the European Union, as well as relations between Bosnia and Herzegovina and the European Union. Our activities include organisation of various cultural, sporting, informative and other types of events across BiH, with the aim of promoting European values in BiH.


EU info centar u Sarajevu
+387 (0)33 207 401
+387 (0)33 207 402

Banja Luka

EU info point Banja Luka
+387 (0)51 211 870


EU info point Brčko
+387 (0)49 951 050


EU info point Mostar
+387 (0)36 320 137