02. July 2020.

Summer break is a great opportunity to learn new skills, visit new places and enjoy being outdoors. In an effort to promote the rich knowledge and history safeguarded in museums across Bosnia and Herzegovina, the EU Info Centre in BiH is organizing a series of workshops for primary school pupils.

Summer in the Museum aims to show that museums are not only places where our shared heritage is preserved – they are key spaces of education, inspiration and dialog. With guidance from experienced and knowledgeable curators, we will explore BiH cultural history, learn about the museum exhibits and have fun during entertaining and educational workshops.

„Since the establishment of our Museum in 2011, we have been trying to organize workshops for students of all ages to stimulate their imagination. We are happy to have more students applying every year who have the opportunity to learn about the rich history of our country, “said Muhamed Krnjić, Museum Advisor at Konjic University.

Summer in the Museums aims to show museums as guardians of historical and cultural heritage and traditions as well as to strengthen their place on the market of cultural tourism. Based on the experience of students, the workshops have been very successful and entertaining. „Although it is summer break, I decided to come here and learn about the national monuments in my city, “said Isak. His colleague Lejla, a lover of fine arts, admits she is always looking forward to similar workshops during which she can express her creativity and artistic talent.

Summer at the Museums aims to get youth to explore new venues as well as revisiting old favourites in their local areas.  During Summer 2020, workshops will be held in museums in Jajce, Konjic, Sarajevo, Banja Luka, Brčko, Goražde and Travnik.

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