Be Kind to Your Mind: the Therapeutic Role of Literature in the Contemporary World

As part of the EU for Your Rights campaign, focusing on promotion of assistance of the European Union to the human rights sector and raising awareness of citizens of their rights, the EU Info Centre organised the first of four panel discussions with ...
March 24, 2020

Be Kind to Your Mind during global crisis

We are at home, working, and taking care of children, family members, neigbours, pets. Constantly exposed to a plethora of infromation, most of which makes us doubt our future, choices and safety. In such moments, being calm and grounded can be of gr...
March 17, 2020

Awards Ceremony „Give Us a Motive – Identify a Barrier through Lenses“

The award ceremony for the best photos in the photo contest  „Give Us a Motive – Identify a barrier through Lenses“, organized as a part of the campaign „All Faces of Accessibility“, took place today at the EU Info ...
March 6, 2020

Eradicating Corruption, Curing the Health Sector

Although corruption has become an almost indispensable part of everyday discourse, the very concept of corruption and effective action against this phenomenon remains abstract to most citizens. Bosnia and Herzegovina is a country plagued by widesprea...
February 25, 2020

Different but Equal

Although laws and international conventions emphasise that all citizens have equal rights and that they are guaranteed and inalienable, the reality is unfortunately very different. Often, those who are denied equal participation in society are forgot...
February 13, 2020

Young Peer Educators Overcoming Violence

Trust, compassion and empathy, belief that you can make your dreams come true and the support of your community are crucial to the optimal development of young people. Faced with different forms of verbal, physical and online violence on a daily basi...
February 13, 2020

An Empty School Chair Must Not Become a Norm

Although much is being reported and researched about quality of education and the basic conditions for teaching, a much greater challenge facing teachers, parents and pupils across Bosnia and Herzegovina is drop outs. Unfortunately, due to a lack of ...
February 7, 2020

Before the Bell – Stand up and speak up against bullying

It is 20 minutes before the first class. Students are waiting for the school bell to ring. Tensions are high and problems soon arise. A riveting school play about aggressive patterns of behaviour in teenagers and bullying in school starts with an eve...
December 18, 2019

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